About Phronesis

Phronesis strives to disseminate the scientific knowledge and research through its conferences. We organize international conferences across the different places in the world, with an aim to provide an excellent forum for upcoming young researchers, scientists, professors and other highly affiliated people to share their research in that particular field. Currently, Phronesis focuses mainly in the fields of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medical, and Pharmaceutical fields.

Our aim is to explore the research information globally to all the people in the scientific community that encompasses the knowledge in all the fields, through organizing the conferences in different parts of the world. Our goal is expansion of the knowledge in science and its discoveries that leads its way to new inventions which structures brilliant benefits and for humans in their lives. In a very short duration, Phronesis succeeded in mounting a unique platform for professionals, Young researchers and experts from different countries, universities, hospitals, research institutions, industries and companies, building an opportunity to easily meet people and discuss their goals, techniques of research, latest science discoveries, facts and news. Our organization runs promptly with dedicated and proficient employees managing different conferences throughout the world, without compromising the service and quality.

Who We Are

Phronesis is specialized in organizing scientific conferences, meetings, and workshops internationally, to encourage networking and knowledge sharing, building and strengthening, discussing and demonstrating the technology by scientists, dynamic professors, ardent academicians, intellectual scholars, leaders and research fellows.

What we do

To be recognized as most pioneering, proficient of high quality scholarly work, and interconnecting the scientific world through its conferences. Connect & collaborate with researchers to access latest discoveries around the world.


The mission of Phronesis is to support and represent the interests of young scientists research works globally in all scientific, technical, and scholarly disciplines and it is initiated to organize International conferences to promote discussions and the free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research frontiers in the science, medical, health, clinical, engineering and technology. Phronesis Conferences provides a way for valuable means of disseminating information and ideas that cannot be achieved by usual channels of communications. Intense discussions and examination based on expert interests will be an additional advantage for the scientists and helps them in learning most advanced aspects of their field.

To accomplish its mission, Phronesis will:

Exchange Information – Provide a medium to exchange of information and experiences related to delivery of scientific content by organizing the conferences.

Set Standards – Promote a uniform definition of organizing Conferences, best practices for maintaining and disseminating scholarly communications, and ethical standards.

Promote Innovation – Contribute to the development and propagation of pioneering approaches to scientific communications that influence the opportunities in the research field, by offering researchers an opportunity to meet the world wide experts in their field

Come and Join us!!!

  • Well structured scientific program by the committee members
  • Connecting scientific community
  • Generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge
  • Poster presentations and top-notch exhibitions
  • Panel discussions and interactive sessions
  • Perfect platform for Global Networking