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Welcome to Phronesis

We aspire to expand the knowledge in science and its discoveries that leads its way to new inventions which structures brilliant benefits and for betterment in human lives.

Who We Are

Phronesis is specialized in organizing scientific conferences, meetings, and workshops internationally, to encourage networking and knowledge sharing, building and strengthening, discussing and demonstrating the technology by scientists, dynamic professors, ardent academicians, intellectual scholars, leaders and research fellows.

What we do

To be recognized as most pioneering, proficient of high quality scholarly work, and interconnecting the scientific world through its conferences. Connect & collaborate with researchers to access latest discoveries around the world.


The mission of Phronesis is to support and represent the interests of young scientists research works globally in all scientific, technical, and scholarly disciplines and it is initiated to organize International conferences to promote discussions and the free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research...


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2019 Conferences

World Nursing and Healthcare Congress
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November 12-13, 2019 Las Vegas, USA

Global Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry Congress
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November 12-13, 2019, Las Vegas, USA

International Conference on Chemical Engineering & Catalysis
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November 12-13, 2019, Las Vegas, USA

2nd World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering
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November 12-14, 2019, Las Vegas, USA


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