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Phronesis is specialized in organizing scientific conferences, meetings, and workshops internationally, to encourage networking and knowledge sharing, building and strengthening, discussing and demonstrating the technology by scientists, dynamic professors, ardent academicians, intellectual scholars, leaders and research fellows.

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To be recognized as most pioneering, proficient of high quality scholarly work, and interconnecting the scientific world through its conferences. Connect & collaborate with researchers to access latest discoveries around the world.


The mission of Phronesis is to support and represent the interests of young scientists research works globally in all scientific, technical, and scholarly disciplines and it is initiated to organize International conferences to promote discussions and the free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research...


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2nd Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases

April 20-21, 2023 Paris, France

International Conference on Surgery & Anesthesia

April 20-21 2023, 2022, Paris, France

International Conference on Life Sciences

November 02-03, 2022, Dubai, UAE

3nd Global Congress on Chemistry & Catalysis

November 02-03, 2022, Dubai, UAE

6th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

2nd World Graphene Technology Summit

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

4th World Nanotechnology Summit

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

4th World Congress on Lasers Optics & Photonics

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

2nd Global Meet On Optoelectronics & Quantum Physics

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

3rd World Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry Congress

September 19-20, 2022, Live stream

2nd Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry Congress

November 16-17, 2021, Live stream

World Graphene Technology Summit

November 16-17, 2021, Live Stream

2nd World Nanotechnology Summit

November 16-17, 2021, Live Stream

Global Meet On Optoelectronics & Quantum Physics

November 16, 2021, Live Stream

2nd Global Congress on Chemistry & Catalysis

March 31- Apr 01, 2021, Live Stream

2nd World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering

November 12-14, 2019, Las Vegas, USA

World Nursing and Healthcare Congress

November 12-13, 2019 Las Vegas, USA

Global Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry Congress

November 12-13, 2019, Las Vegas, USA

World Congress on Lasers, Optics and Photonics

September 23-25, 2019 Barcelona, Spain

World Congress on Cardiology and Cardiovascular diseases

September 23-24, 2019 Barcelona, Spain

Global Chemistry Congress

June 10-12, 2019 Rome, Italy

World Congress on Diabetes and Endocrinology

June 10-11, 2019 Rome, Italy

World Summit on Physics

October 23-24, 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

Global Congress on Biomedical Engineering

October 23-24, 2023, Bankgkok, Thailand


Many thanks for the wonderful organization of the Worldnano-2021. A well-deserved congratulation to you and your team! Thanks for the certificate of appreciation. I wish to be associated with the Worldnano-2022 in Miami next year.

Anis Rahman


The Summit presentations were very interesting, highly innovative and in several cases quite exceptional. The presentations and topics spanned also societal fore front subjects in high demand these days such as agrisystems, emissions, medical, new materials and offered a deep vision of new physics and algorithms. I am very happy to have attended Worldnano-2021 and will try my best to contribute in future with other applicative studies.

KF Kaspareck


It was a positive experience to attend the WCLOP-2021 conference in online.

Erik Cerven


I was pleased to be part of this great WCLOP-2021 conference.

Philip Chidi Njemanze


First of all I wish to express my special gratitude for the great organization of the iMAT weibar!

Milos Janecek

Czech Republic

Organization is perfect and I am sure everyone enjoy the iNano webinar and would like to contribute to future events.

Ideisan Abu-Abdoun


It was a pleasure for us to present our results during iGRAPHENE webinar.

Anna Ilnicka


The organization of this month's Webinar iVET-2021 was superb, well coordinated. All presentations were aptly and robustly delivered.I had a remarkable experience at the iVET 2021 Webinar. Great job to the LOC!!!

Adebisi F. Agboola


Thanks iVET-2021 was a great deal, which was highly remarkable and well organized.

Simiat Modupe Ogunbode


Thanks a lot Cardiology Virtual-2021 was interesting.

Lena Maria Nilsson


Participation in iNano webinar was a Great Experience Because My Confidence as a Researcher at The Beginning of the Road Increased

Ninciuleanu Claudia


Thank you for kindness and polite efforts towards Toxicology Webinar.



Phronesis is Great Organization. Participation in iNano webinar was an Excellent Experiment for Me as a Young Researcher.

Janset Öztemur


Enjoyed the conference which was very well organized. There was good sharing of ideas. Meeting medical professionals from around the world was a definite plus.

Gerald Harvey Katzman


Life is life, and iLASERS webinar activity is also useful in this unpredicted time.

Zenkevich Eduard


It was a pleasure to attend the iNano webinar, which i consider a very good and productive platform for confronting ideas and technologies. The webinar and its formula, is in my view an excellent cross educational platform. This scientific or technical segment is ultra-specialised, but it also represents the forefront of sciences, thus i found it very educative and i am full of admiration for all speakers and their R&D advances.

KF Kaspareck


Thank you for your work in organazing Cardiology webinar. It was instructive especially for my younger collaborators.

Sergey Revenko


Enjoyed the conference which was very well organized. There was good sharing of ideas. Meeting medical professionals from around the world was a definite plus.

Gerald Harvey Katzman


Biotechnology webinar was very interesting to be equanted with some new information, very fruitfull and interwting as well.

Zenkevich Eduard


Thank you for Nice Organization and your Toxicology Webinar.



Thank you for inviting me as speaker. Cardiology Virtual was wonderful experience.

Khalida Soomro


I really enjoyed being a part of this Toxicology virtual meeting. The meeting was very well organized and conducted.

Ravi P. Sahu


Enjoyed the conference which was very well organized. There was good sharing of ideas. Meeting medical professionals from around the world was a definite plus.

Gerald Harvey Katzman


It was a successful conference, topics presented were interesting.

Elvessa Narvasa


Thank you for all your arrangements - all well organised.

Mrs Viola van Vuuren

South Africa

The conference was amicable.

Margaret C. Maimbolwa


Thank you for your organizing the nice conference.

Mike Chen


I thought you and your staff did a very good job.

Ira Weinstock


I am really very happy to participate in your reputed conference of BPC-2019. Hopefully, I will support for the upcoming conference too.

Mohamad Raza Miah


Overall it is satisfactory.

Bala Subramaian


Thank you very much I would like to join again 2020 conference at San Francisco.

Ram Krishna Gupta


Attending the Global Biopolymer conference and the visit of USA was a real pleasure for us. It was very fruitful to meet scientists from different countries and to have the posiibility to hear the novelties in biopolymer synthesis, applications and characterization.

Mariya Spasova


All items during the Optics-2019 conference was at the best level. We are really pleased with the interesting reports, and opportunities to relax and communicate (coffee-breaks and lunches). We are planning to visit Osaka by bigger our team.

Anatoly Zatsepin

Russian Federation

Barcelona Optics conference benefitted from scientifically strong participants and speakers.

Daniel Morse


A well Organized Optics Conference.

A.R Ganesan


I am extremely happy for attending the conference. Very renounced speakers deliberated their research findings and all the lectures were useful. And the hospitality was good. In overall the conference was most successful.

Ganesan Ravi


Intresting Topics.. Molecular Glasses may have various applications in OLED, Organic laser etc. Random media cause different scattering pattern. This result can be used in interesting sensing applications

Jae Hoon Jun

South Korea

Cardiology was nice meeting with different experiences. Organizers did the job nicely.

Ossama Maadarani


Cardiology Conference was really great as well as interesting and informative.

Mohammed Yahia Mohammed Ebraheem


Good Design and Great Arrangements of Cardiology Meeting.

Osama Abdrab El Rassoul Tolba El Razaky


Very well organized Cardiology Meet.

Mohammed A. Takroni

Saudi Arabia

Conference was very good, Enjoyed. Rome is a great destination. I will try to join again at Osaka

Gupta Manoj


It was a really a great event. Nice arragment for stay. Good correlation amongst the memebers of group. I like the whole arrangment

Minakshi Sharma


Thank you for your Irresistable Congress, it was wonderful to be a part of it, new findings in the field of medicine which strenghthen novel approaches to managing Diabetes were discussed, they are highly rewarding



Conference was well organized and speakers chosen were appropriate in the present technology. Our stay in the conference venue was very beneficial. Logistics arrangements were good

U.N. Kempaia


The Chemistry conference was enjoyable and academically profitable. It was pleasure being here and share what I have been doing with my group

Sirwan Taha


I would be delighted if you invite me in your future conferences also

Yvonne Paul

South Africa

Hereby I confirm that the organization of GCC-2019 is perfect and furthermore the atmosphere of the conference and the stay at the hotel is really awesome. The factors provided for fruitful exchange between the participants and organizers were good. I wish again to join such a congress again

Michael Chernyshov


GCC-2019 gave us unforgettable impressions. All the best

Irina Galkina


It was an excellent conference. Well organized and very helpful. I would like to attend it again.

Elham Aazam

Saudi Arabia

ICMRN was interesting and it was organized very well. I wish the organizing committee a new success in future.

Vladimir Urbanovich


ICMRN was really excellent. Thank you very much. I wish you further success next year!!

Jaroslav Jevz


Very nice... I really wanted to attend the next meeting and waiting for that to meet all researchers again

Sudipto Datta


Good Conference organization

Amadou Diao


Conference is well organized. Hospitality and logistics are good. Invited talks and keynotes lectures are nice.

Vidya Sagar H.N


Very nice conference. Well organized and with wide scientific scope.

Luís Eduardo Pimentel Real


Very nice conference with very interesting scientific contents.

Roberto Termine


Interesting topics on materials science.

Gregory Francius


The Conference was very Imppressive, The advances in the field of Biomaterials and Nanotechnology have been fully discussed. Thank you for your good Organization

Jingqing Zhang


ICMRN-2019 is very useful in the field of NanoTechnology. Since I have been worthy in the same field.

Ramesha D K


Thanks for organizing the conference. The event was great, the city was great and I enjoyed meeting people in the conference.

Pengcheng Jiao


I Would like to thank you and Phronesis for organizing the ICMRN conference.

Nurlan Tokmoldin






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