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Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

As a peer reviewer for Phronesis Journals, where you are a part of the valued community. Reviewer plays a central role of our peer-review process to evaluate and helps to enhance the quality of an article/Journal.

Before you accept or decline an invitation to review:

  • Read the editor's e-mail, which includes the article abstract
  • Determine whether the article matches your area of expertise and you could complete the review in given stipulated time
  • Do you have a potential conflict of interest with author(s)? Disclose this to the editor when you report a review
  • If you decline the invitation to review:

  • In case of declination please specify the reason
  • If possible suggest any of your colleagues or alternative reviewers
  • If you accept the invitation to review:

    Download all manuscript materials.

  • Keep all manuscript and review details confidential.
  • Bear in mind that the editor is looking to them for subject knowledge, good judgement, and an honest and fair assessment of the strengths and weaknesses       of the work and the manuscript.
  • Advise the editor of your recommendation for acceptance, revise or rejection by providing specific comments and suggestions.
  • Apart from the above, any active reviewer who is always open towards contributing and the journal development would be felicitated by the journal accordingly.

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